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Container Hotel | Dislocation+Cantilever, creating a single mansion facing the sea!
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The misplaced container placement and cantilever effect are common structures,

 which bring the ultimate experience to the overall visual effect of

 the building and express people's constant pursuit of quality of life.

At the same time, it also puts forward high requirements for

engineers' technology to ensure the stability of the structure.

It is common in some hotels. Leisure and relaxing places

usually attract tourists with such a unique structure,

leaving the "ordinary cement room" away from several streets.

This hotel located in Escondido Port, Mexico, is a typical example.

It relies on the sea and mountains to build a high vision mansion.


which explains Mexico's passionate customs and culture.

The overall effect of the building is more "colorful",

and the most prominent one is the graffiti wall with girls painted on it.

The hotel has three floors in total.

The ground floor is a large terrace and outdoor swimming pool,

providing a place for residents to meet and play.

 The upper floor is a sea view wing room,

 each family has a private balcony,

and you can enjoy the sea view alone by opening the glass door.

In order to provide a multi-directional natural landscape,

containers used as guest rooms will be

 hollowed out several walls and replaced by floor glass.

In order to preserve privacy, floor glass can also be "shielded" by

opening the sun visor or pasting decorative wallpaper.

The supporting facilities of the hotel are also perfect,

providing residents with an independent restaurant

and an independent building next to the guest rooms.

There are outdoor and indoor dining areas respectively to

 meet different needs of residents.

It is a good choice to have a party on the balcony at night.

Pictures courtesy of CABANE CONTAINER HOTEL