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Container business center | this is an irresistible castle, with your fat house hidden in the iron wall, happy!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::262  2021-05-27

Promotion on Thursday · container business center

--Today's site: UK--



A container can be a flash shop,

Two containers can make a small hotel,

Three containers can make a small house

So many containers can be built

It's an amazing castle







It is a street business center in the UK, which is made up of dozens

of containers transformed and spliced.Unlike the big brand

 commercial buildings, the business center is more grounded,

Without the restriction of rules and regulations, the creativity of

 architecture is more prominent. The style of industry comes out,

Immediately attracted a large number of people seeking leisure and entertainment to go.







The commercial center, named "crate St James Street",

 has three floors with about 40 businesses,

Including food, clothing, barber shop and so on. In addition,

there are two rest areas on the first floor and the second floor,

The third floor is a container used only as a signboard.

Most of the shops are located on the first floor of the building.









The decoration in the box is set according to the theme style of

 the store, and the whole wall can be designed by graffiti,

It can even transform a lifeless iron box into a small house full of garden green.

Or to transform an iron box with black shell into a special-shaped

space with pure white interior, which looks like another life.










Outside the business center is a spacious open-air rest area,

surrounded by iron fences,People can enjoy the delicious

 food they just bought here, or get together and chat with friends here.

On holidays, there will be some street music or performances to liven up the atmosphere.