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All kinds of container houses gather at the UNO market in Taichung. Their unique appearance is just to attract you!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::252  2021-05-28

All kinds of container houses gather at the UNO market in Taichung,

Racking brains of the unique appearance just to attract you!






Taiwan's largest [uno] container market is located in Xinguang, Taichung

The open space beside dayuanbai is a new scenic spot in Taichung.

There are more than 30 distinctive container houses on site,

It has introduced international brands and famous food

in Central China,Each container is like a small box,

Or simple or gorgeous, competing with each other in the market.





The first thing you can see is a red iron tree at the entrance. When night falls,

The LED energy-saving lamps on the branches of the trees emit attractive brightness

in the dark,The unique tree design has become an eye-catching landmark of the market.

Most of the containers in the market are recycled, after careful design and transformation

Become a new attraction that everyone loves. You can see the "history" of containers,

No longer straight wave board brings a different retro charm in the depression.

A container with its own camping lawn can bring you different local characteristics,

It's like traveling outside. The box is painted in log color,It imitates the appearance

of a small wooden house to match the lawn, and it is also built outside the box

The wooden frame improves the similarity. At night, the feeling of small chandelier is more warm.

The other container is the existence of a cabin.

We want the convenience of container installation,

If you want the texture of a wooden house, it's the best choice

to cover the wooden board directly outside the box.

But I feel that the container with thin wooden strips

on the outer layer can win your favor,Because compared

with the cover without gaps, this kind of hollow design

has higher recognition and more characteristics.

Besides wood, it can also be covered with tiles on the surface of

the container. If you don't look carefully, it is true

It is just a brick house, but also one of the ways to stand out in the container house.

The neon design on the top is also gorgeous enough to not pay attention to it.

The tiles are covered with all the tiles, and the semi covered ones are naturally available.

But what makes this family more attractive is the design of the box board,

The very convenient and humanized existence:

It is a ready-made table to be raised, and it is a rich front.

This restaurant with lantern as its biggest feature is really attractive,

It's like a warm light reserved for you at night,

The store with strong Japanese style makes you feel like traveling through Japan.

Or the beverage store that attaches the goods to the box in the form of "embedded",

The huge beverage model design shows the same characteristics as the real beverage

Attractive gradient color, let people see the impulse to try it!

The single storefront has its own style,

The two-story composite container building is not the

existence of "oil saving lamp".The design of stairs alone is a scenic line,

The vertically overlapped structure creates unique geometric beauty,

Go up the stairs and you'll get a high view.


Open containers with five sides are more like exhibition containers for commodities,

The colorful colors add a lot of colorful vitality to the building,

Different from other fancy container houses, the color is the key to success.

There is a huge lawn in the middle of the market surrounded by the container house,

People can have a picnic here and build a stage,

Hold various party activities to increase the popularity of the market.