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Container market | fairytale village like macarone container combined with industrial style, the ultimate of simple style!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::253  2021-05-29

Container market on Saturday

--Today's site: Taiwan--



Today, I'd like to introduce you to Taiwan member Lin Xinliang,

It can be called a mini container market, although its area is not large,

But each container has a different theme,

Architects build Mini container business street for owners.





This container market with fairy tale village,

It's called mini container market.

For the convenience of tourists, businesses set up temporary parking lots nearby,

Besides leisure, we are not busy to implement convenient measures for the nearby traffic.






It's a coffee shop in the market,

Yellow is the main color, with pink coffee vending machine,

The small fresh style from the shop attracts the eyes of tourists.








It's not just the look,

Simple interior decoration style,

Can also give visitors taste a different little fresh style and mood!







Fresh bar: fresh fruit bar, a Mini Castle with the earth color system as the main part.

Most importantly, it has its own characteristics,It doesn't look like a container,

 but it actually uses wooden boards to match some decorations,The container is

wrapped up to give the shop a kind of fairytale castle.The interior is full of

 green elements, and enjoy food and feel the green atmosphere.








[SV burger] American Burger Shop, which mainly uses whole raw meat to make hamburgers.

The combination of white and black colors shows the industrial style.

The second floor is equipped with outdoor platform and rest room,

To provide a leisure space for tourists. 







[roller will pull noodles] is a famous noodle drawing car in Lugang, Taiwan,

Now we offer them a special container shop,Let it have a better

environment, make its own special snacks,This is a local

called super hard bowl of soul limited noodles,

Is it really a thought of a scene?








"Uncle hank fried chicken beer" is mainly Korean Thai beer with various flavors,

It has a black appearance, and it is also designed beside the stairs

The wall of angel wings will shine at night!






Besides eating, drinking and playing, there are container toilets provided for tourists on site,

Simple and convenient, so an attractive and characteristic container

Market, no wonder will become a red card point!