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Container community space | silver white enhances the sense of fashion future, hollow transparent design is cool!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::265  2021-05-29

[mercato comunale] is an urban restoration space in the center of Bucharest,
So that the life space which has lost its vitality becomes vivid again.
The project transformed the container into a new food and cultural market,
Let nearby residents and tourists enjoy contemporary design, food and cultural experience.

[mercato comunale] is a unique space in Bucharest landscape,
It is used as a pop-up market and city garden, with joint office space
Food trucks and local producers, etc. In order to enrich community life,
The space will also host various cultural and social activities,
Including concerts, film shows and exhibitions,

 it can accommodate about 400 people at the same time.

In the early days of mercato's establishment, 

the project side through people's understanding of the new place
The taste of food trucks, local products and craft beer brought people together in Bucharest.
This gives local artisans an opportunity to show their products for sale,
It also makes it easy for the residents of the city to find the high-quality products of these craftsmen.

The project consists of several hollowed out containers replaced by transparent glass windows,
The basic tone is bright silver white, which enhances the sense of metal and fashion.
The community space creates indoor and outdoor activity space,
It provides an innovative meeting environment and entertainment place for workers in Bucharest.

As a part of the urban beautification project, the community space can 

have a positive impact on changing the appearance of the city.
This friendly team of eight people will adjust every day according to the public's

 preferences and feedback, which is also one of the highlights of the project.
It's a growing project. Every year, new themes change and more interesting things are added.

Pictures courtesy of  Gruia Dragomir