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Container market, abandoned open space! 30 different food containers are waiting for you!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::249  2021-06-02

Container market on Wednesday

--Today's site: China--

If the common open space can't be built or temporarily can't be built on it,

Will be transformed into a parking lot, or directly idle.

This is a waste of land, but if you just put a few containers on it,

As a temporary building, if it can be used and moved at any time,

its use value will be greatly improved in a certain period of time.


Taiwan's [commune A7] is a container market with urban community

space as the core development concept,The hinterland of

the district is about 2000 square meters, which breaks away from

the thought of turning the open space into a parking lot or abandoned state,

Greatly enhance the value of land use, and even create a business model.


There are about 30 shops in the market, including various restaurants,

drink bars, jewelry shops and so on.Most of them use containers as storefronts,

and they also use "trains", which are small but enough to operate.

Although the starting point is square boxes, but after adding decorations,

it becomes unique. For example, green plant theme, gift box theme


Some directly paint the whole box in a striking color,

Or graffiti pictographic patterns on the box,

It can also attract tourists' attention.



In order to highlight themselves, some stores directly transform containers,

Heighten, widen and replace the box wall with floor glass to meet different aesthetic needs,

Then the customized containers are transported to the market for local business. Among them, the most special shape is this oneThe unique shape of the "fallen" container forms a distinctive appearance and space.




In the middle of the market, there is a green lawn with

a tent on top,It mainly provides a place for tourists to

rest and enjoy the delicious food they just bought.