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Container market? Queen Victoria has a mobile market? Unlock the new retail landscape!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::251  2021-06-03

Thursday promotion & Container Market

--Today's site: Australia--



The continuous improvement of market outlook reflects that modern people

are pursuing higher and higher quality of life,It's no longer the messy street

stalls that can meet our demand for fun. Shopping mallsMarkets try

their best to "dress up" themselves, just to get our support

favor. No, the queen victoria market is also "good".






This is on Melbourne street

[string bean alley] of Queen Victoria Market,

History goes back to 1936, "string bean alley."

The name pays homage to the alley where mung beans were once sold.

The market has custom containers from 26 independent retailers,

Become the most popular shopping experience market in Melbourne.

First of all, the huge tree sculptures at the entrance are already there

It's made of recycled transport pallets.







"[string bean alley] is the best independent manufacturer and creator in Melbourne,

New place for designers and artists "- this is what mayor Sally CAPP said about the market.

A total of 12 new companies have joined the existing product line to provide a variety of locally designed, purchased or produced fashionJewelry, art, crafts, skin care products, toys, books and so on.










A green doll shop is located at the end of

a street with green plants on one side,

The store was full of lovely plush dolls,

When an old lady runs a business here,

there is a kind of quiet and good atmosphere.







And an ATM is cleverly placed in a bright blue recycling container,

It is near the entrance of Douzi lane. In addition to the container store,

There are also some mobile car shops and mobile stalls on the scene,

which are authentic customs and human feelings.