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Container Shop | A paradise controlled by succulents, a container shop surrounded by plants
Publisher: Beri  Page view::239  2021-06-05

There are a lot of shops on this road that you can visit,

but this is a special shop that sells plants built in containers and is called "GreenLife Garden".

The Green Fruit Garden is a paradise for succulents.

It uses container houses and wooden materials to create a unique leisure space.

The splicing of outdoor nostalgic windows shows the retro style,

making the overall building look not monotonous.


The space behind the building is filled with various plants of different types,

which can be described as being in a sea of flowers.

The white container building is matched with plants of different colors,

which embellish the characteristic style of the shipping

 container in a fresh and refreshing manner.

The interior is not too gorgeously decorated, it is just a naked space,

with chandeliers and some paintings on the walls,

full of industrial style and artistic atmosphere.

 An old-fashioned motorcycle and a small old-fashioned TV are placed at the door.

When you enter the store,you feel as if you are in the 80s and 90s.

With the illumination of lights,

it shows the characteristic style of fashion and nostalgia.


With such an attractive feature building, can we bear the urge to experience it on the spot?

Pictures courtesy of  GreenLife Garden