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Big project of container center is coming! The first iron village outside London~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::235  2021-06-07

Monday promotion container center

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As the capital of Britain, London is always a popular tourist attraction for overseas tourists.

Maybe you have no interest in exploring this place for a long time,

But interesting things are often hidden in casual places. For example, outside London

The first container village, full of iron elements, let you recover the love of industrial wind.









[stack] is located on the Tyne River in the center of

Newcastle,England,It's a creative hub in Newcastle,

It consists of 60 containers and can be used

for work, culture and entertainment.













There are many independent small shops in the center,

 which are located in the container center in a circular layout.

These pop-up shops and restaurants are made of old containers,

which are environmentally friendly and cost-effective,

And built on the once prosperous and historical pilgrimage street,

 which used to be the old OdeonThe location of the cinema,

so everything here has become retro and nostalgic.













There is a large open square in the middle of the surrounding layout,

There will be many rest tables and chairs in the square,

Because there are also many restaurants here, providing services from South

America, the Far East,Italian and deep southern flavors. If you don't like eating,

There will also be Heineken bar, Havana bar and beer box bar to provide drinks.















There is a "glass house" on one side of the square to ensure that you can continue to

play even in rainy days.With the decoration of star lights, the glass house at night will become

 very romantic and attractive, and even become a holy land for marriage.









During the holidays, a stage will be set up to hold various large-scale gathering activities.

Or a variety of large-scale ball games can also be broadcast

 here to facilitate people's different entertainment activities and needs.