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Container shops丨Removable shops suitable for temporary land use
Publisher: Beri  Page view::231  2021-06-10

Container construction is one of the youngest branches in the construction field.

It includes a variety of different purposes, different types, and different shapes of buildings,

and these buildings have one thing in common: the use of ISO standard containers.

Like Lego bricks, containers can be combined into almost all forms of construction.

Project Location: Jeju, South Korea

Project construction: UniBox Architects

Project area: 3 20 feet, 45 square meters
Project use: shop

The project uses three 20-foot containers.

The main orange tone is matched with white fonts of different sizes and shapes,

which is stylish and simple.

The interior decoration is dominated by stable and atmospheric black and gray,

and display racks of various sizes are arranged on the wall in an orderly manner.

In order to maintain a bright and transparent indoor environment,

 the shop uses multiple pieces of different shapes of glass (rectangular and triangular)

to allow natural light to reach every corner of the room.

Container construction is flexible, convenient to move,

and can well adapt to the development requirements of the modern transportation industry.

The related transportation and loading and unloading facilities are relatively complete,

which means that container construction will become the best mobile temporary construction.

According to statistics, container construction is especially popular in conceptual works,

 brand promotion and small events because it is sufficient to enhance advertising effects.

Pictures courtesy of  UNIBOX