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The black box of five containers and five stores in container business street hides the secret of simple retail!
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If a store is no longer restricted by its geographical location, it will operate as it moves to,

It broke the traditional chain branch mode and formed a simple retail with mobile function,

Maybe it will become a new way of operation and get people's favor. And modular architecture

Just to meet the needs of this building, a box can be moved with you and can be opened on the ground.








This is Portland's first retail space built in containers - the black box,

It is a retail incubator made of a modified transport container from brewer snap space,

It's 93 Washington Street, Portland. There are five containers here,

It just accommodates five start-up tenants, each with about 30 square meters of business space.











Each of the five stores has a separate and complete container with the same space size and facade,

Except for the sign in front of the door【 Campfire studios + mulxiply] is one of the retail stores,

It's run by ceramic artists Kristen and Joe camp, and Tanja CESH,The latter mainly sells

Himalayan accessories designed by Maine and handicraft gifts made by Nepalese artists.










The white signboard at the end is made up of John Henry and

A professional Cafe owned and operated by Cynthia mlyniec

[all who who wonder], its brand features are seasonal single source coffee, loose leaf tea

Customers can taste firewood and cakes in the store. The interior environment is simple and bright.