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Container business | 215 hectares of large container business circle, to create a comprehensive leisure place!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::229  2021-06-11

The large business circle has been built in various forms, 

among which the architectural material selection is also one of the highlights of design.
The flagship town with 215 hectares of overall planning is guided by lifestyle,
It has built a large business district integrating diet, entertainment, 

sports and leisure, and has become a container park with Malaysian characteristics.

[ecoardence] is located in the south of Kuala Lumpur. It is a comprehensive development project,
It covers an area of 215 hectares and is mainly used for commercial 

and residential purposes. By integrating culture, innovation and business,
Inspired a sense of pride and belonging to the community.
The flagship town is made up of various containers and has a large area of lawn in front for outdoor activities.

Of these, 10.9 hectares of area are used to build pop-up community centers called [Ardence labs].
Various retail stores and office tenants are integrated into modified freight containers, 

including supermarkets, pet hotels
Model rooms and sales galleries and other commercial spaces. Another feature of the

 development is the inclusion of two seven person football fields and a lake of 3.5 hectares.

[Ardence labs] the pop-up community center is designed to activate the project site,
Therefore, as a natural drawing board, the container is graffiti with various interesting patterns,
Tourists can find trendy clock out points in every corner. 

The project provides a place for residents and visitors to meet, work and play.

A catering street is built in the container Park, and various

 small restaurants are integrated into the container module,
And use different shell colors to distinguish different stores. In the middle of the street, there is a sunshade,
Leisure tables and chairs are placed in the corridor for tourists to rest and eat.

In addition to the catering and outdoor activities area, the park has also built gymnasium in containers,
Hard metal case and exercise equipment are perfect!

 Multiple containers are opened from inside,
It creates a very spacious sports place. The project is built around a pleasant 

Lake in Ardence, which is reconstructed from old quarries,
It provides the residents with opportunities and places for various leisure and cultural activities.

Pictures courtesy of  Ardence Labs