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Street culture base becomes the next Korean drama attraction! Building characteristic container with steel structure
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The weekend finally came

I feel the air I breathe is active

Suddenly, I want to walk in the street,

to see a song, to dance or something

Yeah, it's street entertainment

But you don't want to compete with

the square dancer?Or you need a place

 where you can find friends with the common people


The West has always regarded watching performances and listening
 to music as an aristocratic enjoyment. Now, however, on the streets of any
western city,We can often see the scene of "the swallow in front of the old
Wang Xie hall flies into the homes of ordinary people" - elegant and solemn
 performing activities,It is integrated with citizens' shopping and leisure. In these
performing activities, there are bands similar to Gypsy's vagabond, including make-up,
 music and so onThe performing families, which are shaped as sculpture groups, have male
 and female singers "singing gale" alone on the street, and also have musical instruments all over
their bodiesA musician who plays, plays and sings with all his skill. You can listen to them, watch them,
        even dance with them, or pay back a few coins.
In Yushan City, which has an important economic position in South Korea,
 street performance culture has been valued by mayors,He saidthat street
performing culture will bring greater economic benefits to the city.
Because by watching the behavior created by the performer,
The residents and tourists of the place will be attracted
 and fall in love with the place. So there will be
such a street culture base - [cye].
Street performance culture is usually a group of young people,
in order to catch up with the trend, this [cye] street culture base
The steel frame structure is selected to build the container shape.
 Strong sense of modern industry, hollow steel structure design is more novel.
The blue of the coating is also similar to the common ground built with 200
 containers by Korea's Jianguo University, which is eye-catching and fresh.
There will be graffiti and words on the box,
So that the building will not be too monotonous.
And graffiti is also a kind of street art,
It is more consistent with the theme of street culture base. 
There are also some slogans and tips directly marked on the building, at a glance. Culture
Youth and excitement are the themes of the cultural base.
Providing WiFi is a very humanized and modern service.
There are various special stools at the bottom of the building,
You can rest. Different shapes and colors,
People can't help the impulse to sit up and feel it.
From the wooden corridor upstairs, the corridor
is pedestrian overpass, both visual sense.
Because it's a steel container,The floor
 can be tiled with other materials.
Wooden floors like this have stronger
texture and more characteristics.
The design of another clock tower is also very dazzling,
The lights at night are fantastic.
Mom doesn't have to worry about me
 forgetting the time to go home any more~
Simple hand drawn design drawings,
Has revealed a unique metal frame breath.
Such a fashionable street culture base,
It's like being a talented teenager and artist
Our square! Would you please let me sing a song?