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Container market | if you have this iron box theme park, what else do you want to go to Disney?
Publisher: Beri  Page view::840  2021-07-07


Container market on Wednesday

--Today's website: Taiwan, China--





I believe that many people's dream paradise as a child is Disney,

just like a kingdom of children can enjoy the childrens, even adults

Entering into it, it is hard to move, and can not help but put into it.

But for us who are box builders,In fact, I hope to have a container

 amusementpark, and take our next generation

 to feel different childish interests.










Walking and jumping box is a container market in Hsinchu, Taiwan, but it is a favorite market for children,

Because there are many new and interesting amusement facilities here, it is a veritable amusement park.

And sometimes it's not only the hearts of children, but also the hearts of adult "big children".













Located in the center of the market is a spacious green lawn,It's full of

 strawberries, chocolate doughnuts, lollipops, hot air balloons and so on,It's fantastic.

It provides an outdoor activity site for the coming tourists, which is very suitable for parent-child fun.












Around the lawn are container stores of different shapes,

providing catering and sales services for the scene.

I don't know if it is affected by the childlike innocence of the

 scene, which are placed irregularly in the field

Containers are all moving towards a bright and lively style.












Some ingenious shops even painted on the wall of the box,Let the

iron box turn red every second, brick wall has no pressure,

Or a live version of the tortoise game,Can also let you

 sit on the ship of the moon to pick the stars...

Meet any fantasy about childlike innocence.












Of course, if you don't like these childish creations, there are also some iron boxes with mature literary style. These designs will be based onSolid color is the highlight to catch your eye. Most of them are restaurants,

which cleverly hollows out a window on the basis of the container structure,For display and ordering,

the box is the production room, and a few stools can be put in front of the window for business.

Can you find a faster way to build a shop?












It is worth mentioning that even the toilet here is made of containers.

The top is covered with a layer of thatch, which is similar to the cottage in the countryside.

But it is obvious that the existence of iron box will be more convenient and tidy.