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Container market | container = large refrigerator? This is also an iron box that makes people wet and scream!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::515  2021-10-14

Have you ever thought about what it's like to water ski in a big city?
Don't think about it. There is such an operation in Taiwan!

Set up a large inflatable sliding channel in the city to let the city get a little wet and cool in hot summer
~The heinegan world city water slide, located next to Kaohsiung's love river,

 is the protagonist of the event, with a four story water slide at the beginning.

Do you think it is a familiar steel structure? In order to facilitate

the setting of the venue and create a real cool feeling,
Metal is indispensable as a building material. Heineken beer brand was the leader of this activity
(the Chinese translation is Heineken and Taiwan translation is "Heineken",

which is also the origin of the name of "Heineken world urban slide").

Seems to see the container again? Yes, large-scale events are

usually accompanied by the popularity of surrounding markets,
It is convenient to create a holy land integrating eating, drinking and fun.

Therefore, there is a market street at the event site,
Invite the main brands in, build independent stores with containers,

 and put rest tables, chairs and tents in the middle,
The entrance is publicized with large signboards, and a successful market is built。

In addition, there is a "big refrigerator" on site! Transformed from a container, 

it reproduces the picture in the classic advertisement.
After opening, it is a real "frozen space" for storing ice beer.
At the same time, it is also open to tourists. 

It's a very comfortable experience to go in and cool in hot summer!

Pictures courtesy of 切琍攝文旅食