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Container workshop | garage or shop,Container workshop | garage or shop, "bottom opening and top closing" structure is suitable for any business model!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::663  2022-06-16

Different business models need to create different office environments.

Some need an open environment to attract business,

while others need private space to create.

 Is there a assimilation model that can be applied to modular buildings?

The studio, located in the city street of Osaka Fuchi,

has found a structure that can be "run in".

Located near wakaen Park, it is close to Seto, Gaoyue and kyosaka.

The studio has four independent buildings,

all of which are upper and lower structures transformed from containers,

and also includes an outdoor parking lot.

It can be used not only as a business shop and office studio,

but also as a temporary accommodation for people who like car travel.

The open space on the first floor creates unlimited possibilities for use.

The design model of the first floor is a garage with electric shutters.

The oversized entrance is easy for vehicles to enter and leave freely.

Even the high roof caravan is also compatible.

However, its function is far more than a garage.

The spacious space allows it to be used for storage.

The bright environment does not affect the external business of shops.

The windows on the box can create air circulation conditions for the interior.

The staircase between the two buildings leads to the second floor.

When the door is opened, there is a simple studio with solid wood panel texture.

This is an open space with large daylighting windows,

equipped with air conditioning, lighting, washstand and toilet.

It has the conditions for direct use and can be used as a space for private creation.

If equipped with beds, it can even be used as a comfortable bedroom.

Pictures courtesy of  AZTO真砂