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Container spa | do a spa in the container, and open the new function of modular building!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::488  2022-07-13

Nowadays, more and more buildings use modular construction,

such as houses, offices, stores, etc.,

 but have you ever seen a spa built with container modules?

 This is a new project developed by the architectural studio

 [Salinas & Linares] on the Atlantic coast,

the Barbados spa on the beach of Barbados.

The Barbados spa is located in pinamar City, Buenos Aires.

The construction lasted 45 days.

The total area of the project is 150 square meters.

The project manager is Rina POMINI.

The project consists of four 40 foot HC containers and two 20 foot HC containers,

including facilities for the normal operation of the spa.

The external surface of the container was completely sandblasted,

and high micron epoxy and polyurethane based coatings were used.

Several 40 foot high HC containers placed side by side are used in public toilets,

 men's and women's bathrooms and dressing rooms,

and about 800 people will flow in the peak season.

The spa is equipped with complete facilities,

 including bedrooms, bathrooms, machine rooms, changing rooms, etc.,

 as well as toilets with urinals, independent showers with kompak partitions,

 stone countertops and benches.

The sink table has been specially designed

and is completely made of customized milestone.

In another 20 foot HC container,

spa kitchen and bar are installed here,

with kitchen and Spa bar with counter.

The walls and partitions of all modules are isolated by cellulose fiber,

while the ceiling is isolated by sprayed polyurethane foam

and liquid hydrophobic membrane.

The outer wall of the building is covered with

color pages designed by microwave and framed with metal profiles.

The administrative office and kiosk

are installed in a 20 foot HC container on the outside.

The outer wall is painted with different colors from the spa to enhance recognition.

There are multiple windows on the box to see the spa.

 There are lounge chairs outside the office,

 so tourists can wait while buying tickets here.

The largest building in the middle of the spa is the tourist restaurant,

which is also decorated in an industrial style.

Many panoramic glass windows allow tourists to

 overlook the sea view not far away when eating here,

and enjoy the scenic advantages of seaside life.

Pictures courtesy of  4housing