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Container mall | a variety of colorful color matching, large modular container commercial building completed!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1120  2022-07-23

Large buildings built with containers

have become popular in urban centers,

which verifies the possibility and inclusiveness of modular buildings.

The buck street market, which bucked

the trend and thrived in the COVID-19,

was transformed from containers and recently added surprising new content.

Take over the Camden market part located at

 the corner of Buck street and Camden high street.

This new development project features 88 recyclable containers,

distributed on three levels,

and stands out from the surrounding old red brick buildings.

The buck street market, which advocates sustainable development,

combines the concepts of retailers and flagship catering in recyclable space,

and each container space is allocated to an enterprise.

Due to the emphasis on conscious consumption,

the transportation containers in the street market

are full of hundreds of environmentally friendly products.

The businesses settled include catering, clothing, flower art, etc.

in addition to sustainable products,

 the Barker street market also has a large number of mobile vendors

and a community led roof garden for people to visit.

In order to provide customers with a place to rest and party,

there is also an outdoor leisure area in the middle of the market,

which can be used for rest or dining.

On the roof, there is a newly added Millennium pink terrace,

covered with green shade and placed with a large screen,

which can be used for screening programs, speeches, movies and other activities.

It is part of the largest roof of the market.

This space will be housed in two new skyline bars.

Pictures courtesy of  Secret London