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Container Park | Container Park | "recreation experience consumption" innovative shopping, brand customized concept store!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::528  2022-07-27

In the heart of Wynwood Art District in Miami,

 Levi's ® The brand has set up a 43000 square foot pop-up custom experience store,

 providing levi's ® The brand's high-end products,

with the largest and most innovative tailor shop,

create an interactive shopping experience for customers,

understand the brand's technological innovation,

and create a gathering place for the cooperation of local famous artists

 and one of the best leisure places in Wynwood, Miami.

In this pop-up customization experience store,

customers can customize their exclusive personal clothes

through advanced technology (such as future finish) and laser driven technology,

 which is a technology that can use fine machining details to customize jeans.

This retail store in Miami is fully committed to self-expression,

 which can help levi's ® Of fans make their favorite clothes and wear them.

Compared with Wynwood, the booming Art Center,

 this is the best choice to create this kind of experience.

In the center of Wynwood Art District in Miami,

levi's ® The brand turns this multi-functional experience into reality.

The park has a park with high green plant coverage,

which can be used for leisure and vacation,

and provides customers with an innovative shopping method

of "recreation experience consumption".

Retail and custom denim design studios will also

 invite visitors to the art district to enjoy Levi's unique experience.

This [levi's ® Haus Miami] project consists of 12 shipping containers,

with a two-story concept store, which selects the best materials of the brand,

these unique levi's ® Limited edition products enjoy exclusive drops throughout their service life

and can be sold at levi's ® Made in the largest tailor's shop.

The luminous logo, sign, pine arch, outdoor hanging position

and some designs to beautify the environment

all make the appearance of the project look more perfect.

These 12 shipping containers are decorated inside

and outside in a storage area in the bay area.

After installing windows, doors and interior decoration,

these containers will be transported to Miami for final installation.

The temporary structure of the project has been reasonably constructed

before the application of aesthetic details,

and the modtruss frame has been used for the decoration of all decks and sunshades.

The tailor shop in the park is a design studio with future finishes,

 which provides Levi customers with the most comprehensive customized services

 to meet basic cutting needs and free maintenance services.

In addition, consumers can also enjoy multi-level sales services,

 including working with tailors and artists to jointly design

and customize multiple clothing styles through artist seminars.

Pictures courtesy of  The Vendry