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Container market | temporary buildings radiate new vitality in the region!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::511  2022-08-02

In the process of urban development,

 temporary buildings play an important role.

The multi-functional use of a region is a way to revitalize the region and meet the market demand.

The container building opened in Kondo Town,

Nagano Prefecture is a temporary market,

 with three new containers installed around the former ITO Yokota square.

The name of the temporary market is [gondo Akiba base],

which is located next to Akiba shrink in gongduo Town, Nagano county.

All container modules are installed by cable crane and then fixed on the ground foundation.

As a heat insulation measure, the inner wall of the container is covered with polyurethane foam,

 and the inner wall is not in contact with the air to prevent condensation.

At the same time, the indoor heating system

 can maintain a warm environment even in winter.

The three container modules of the temporary market

are used as supermarkets and stores respectively.

 The temporary supermarkets sell fresh food,

while the stores sell Bento boxes, hot dog stalls, etc.

The square surrounded by

three containers creates a public place for parties and activities.

Tables, chairs, benches and stages are placed in the center of the square,

which is used by local people as a place to relax and live.

The first store of [gondo Akiba base] is [gondo refrigerator],

which is transformed from a 20 foot container.

 It is a store that sells side dishes, Bento boxes and candy.

A refrigerator shelf is set up in the store to store

and sell fresh food cooked and manufactured by Nagano restaurants.

The second store is called the mini tomato food Museum,

which is also transformed from a 20 foot long container.

The base aims to improve the convenience of shopping in the region,

such as selling three kinds of fresh products (fish, meat, vegetables) and household products

 that cannot be bought in convenience stores,

and providing a variety of shopping options.

The third store is [dog town],

which is a hot dog stall transformed from a 10 foot long container.

This hot dog stand is mainly used to attract young people

 with trendy food, create a lively area and revitalize the area.

Pictures courtesy of  2040 JP