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Container brewery | multi functional commercial body, creative package plant structure!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::546  2022-08-05

In order to build a beer business integrating production,

experience and sales, Rockwell Beer Co.

has created a construction project that lasted more than two years.

The construction site is vandevener Ave. 1320.

The business is composed of production plants and leisure pubs.

Founder Andy Hille and staff spent two years transforming

a former machinery workshop into a brewery with a 90 seat tasting room.

 The brewery has a 15 barrel system

and three Missouri oak feeders for the beer aging project.

The appearance of the project is wrapped by containers,

 and a number of containers with unique structures are placed in front of the plant,

highlighting the brand logo with eye-catching colors and signs.

One of them is visually like a container suspended by

 an iron frame to create an interesting structure, like "playing on a swing".

Entering the container room, it is a very tactile bistro.

The ceiling and some walls are covered with wooden strips,

 creating a sense of regular spatial lines.

There are many simple wooden tables and chairs in the museum.

Wine equipment is installed on the wall.

A small kitchen for making simple meals is set in an independent container module.

Walk into the beer factory from the pub.

Instead of the space made of container modules,

it is replaced by traditional brick walls.

You can see the beer brewing line here, which is full of industrial sense.

The beer brewed in the plant includes white beer, rye dry light beer and Velor tracksuit,

a Bavarian and Cinco hops brewed from the east coast to the west coast by mixing IPA and ekuanot.

Pictures courtesy of  Rockwell Beer Co. in The Grove