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Container beauty salon | experiential beauty salon, exquisite girls must pick!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::678  2022-08-09

When it comes to the well-known industries in South Korea,

in addition to the sweet and abusive Korean dramas,

beauty and cosmetic surgery are also

 the name cards of the country's "out of the circle" in the world.

When there is demand,

 there will be supply.

 Modular buildings are popular all over the world.

Buildings with various functions can be transformed with containers,

 including Korean beauty salons.

It is composed of several container modules,

which is a two-story building.

The project is called "four seasons beauty salon".

 In order to create a warm and livable environment,

 many artificial natural landscapes have been built around the building,

including pebble roads, green plants and lawns.

It is as comfortable as home to enjoy beauty services here.

When you enter the beauty salon,

the internal environment is as clean and fresh as the appearance.

Salon chairs, mirrors and work cabinets are placed in the work area,

 and complete beauty and hairdressing tools are provided.

The white and green decoration colors create a high-level and luxurious atmosphere,

and the ceiling is decorated with crystal chandeliers.

Walk from the work area to another functional area of the beauty salon.

Here is a rest area equipped with a tea room

to provide customers with a intimate waiting area.

 The bar in the corner is covered with wooden materials

and equipped with complete tea brewing tools.

 Many simple wooden tables and chairs are placed in the rest area.

The card seat set by the window can enjoy the outdoor scenery.

Pictures courtesy of  Naver