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Container activity center | new Japanese community, reconstruction of old buildings with high density!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1107  2022-08-18

The use of containers to transform old communities

is very common in today's urbanization development,

 especially in some places with high building density such as island countries.

The [craft village nishikoyama] community project located in front of

 xijinshan station on the black line of tokujima was developed by PA Co.,

Ltd For operation, the builder [ur Urban Renaissance Agency] rents the land for urban development

and develops it to transform it into a place for local urban development and prosperity.

The total construction area of the [craft village nishikoyama] project is about 1604 ㎡,

the structural area of the east wing is about 135 ㎡,

and the main building area is about 192 ㎡.

It is mainly constructed by steel structures,

and some of them are steel frame reinforced concrete structures.

The facility has a variety of unique tenants and provides an open space

where people can meet in the space of the roof terrace and the central courtyard.

The objective of the project is to build a new exchange base,

which will be used as a shopping center

 and activity organization place near the residential area,

and enrich the gathering methods of nearby residents.

The activity center promotes a business model

called n to n (from neighbors to neighbors).

People can buy Handmade cakes

and sweets from neighbors and sell their own goods to neighbors,

creating a platform for residents in the community to talk and interact with each other.

The tenants of the activity center all adhere to the concept of

selling "unique products produced in large quantities in non-standard mode".

They have unique flavor craft beer, healthy hand-made drinks,

creative dishes with chef personality, etc., creating a new

and interesting food and drink experience for tourists no matter

when they come or how many times they come.

The community activity center not only uses recycled containers for reconstruction,

but also follows the concept of sustainable development in daily life.

For example, the use of disposable plates and chopsticks is reduced

as much as possible in business activities,

and paper and other renewable materials are replaced.

As it is used as a public activity place,

 various activities and seminars can be held as

 required to create a lively atmosphere in the community.

The ground floor is mainly used for business space,

while the roof is made of wooden deck, and terrace seats

 are set for people to relax, talk and work remotely.

Pictures courtesy of  UR都市機構のプレスリリース