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Container complex | coffee shop + workplace + service apartment, all functions can be met at one time!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::456  2022-08-29

With the popularity of shared space in the market,

multi-functional combined places have also entered people's attention.

The comprehensive commercial entity integrating

"coffee shop - workplace - Service Apartment"

is at the forefront of innovation.

 [JK container house] it integrates the coffee,

office and container room of Koi aquarium for the first time,

bringing unprecedented new things to the construction industry.

 From students, office workers to young start-ups,

this may be the ideal destination for all types of customers.

This unique project is located at Phuoc Kien Le thi Kinh 25 / 6 / 1 (A4 street, block a, University Village) in Nha be,

close to RMIT University, financial marketing area and industrial park.

It is a convenient activity place for office staff near the luxury urban area.

The first floor of the commercial building is a cafe with Koi aquarium [JK orgarnic coffee].

 It has a luxurious and exquisite design

and is suitable for meeting friends in a friendly space without air conditioning.

The open space is spacious and airy, which is a good place to inspire.

In this JK container house, the residents can

enjoy the container "cool" space with a 4-storey design.

The ground floor covers an area of 350 square meters.

The caf é provides a relaxing and light music lounge and simple meals.

Residents can relax here and enjoy breakfast and office lunch.

In addition, there are some meeting rooms that can accommodate 40 people,

where seminars, birthdays, anniversaries and other activities can be organized.

The complex has four layers and is composed of 36 20 inch containers.

The first floor is mainly used as a coffee shop area,

and the second floor is designed for the office environment.

Quiet and simple decoration is very suitable for team work meetings

or startup meetings to meet office needs.

The upper 3rd and 4th floors are service apartment units,

suitable for students, office workers or freelancers.

Each container room is equipped with complete facilities and has excellent wood design.

The interior of the box is covered by luxurious wood and classic colors,

creating a private and romantic space.

The house price of JK container room is only 300000 vnd / month.

It is economical and applicable without losing comfort.

It is very suitable for people who have a rest, work or short-term business trip.

It is a good place to "relax".

Pictures courtesy of  ZINGNEWS.VN