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Container Club | Wild Japan! Ten Blue Boxes Create a Gathering Place of Fashion Culture!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::313  2022-10-25

In terms of appearance,

the strong and simple lines of containers are the favorite of fashionable single products;

In terms of convenience,

 the structure of container picking up and walking is the favorite speed on the street;

 In terms of novelty,

 containers are definitely the building materials that are at the forefront of the trend.

Therefore, if you see such a steel building beside the street,

it must be the territory of trend culture.

This is a club located on the road of Siri Street,

Chaitian Town, Chaitian County, Miyagi County.

It is a leisure and entertainment place integrating coffee, shops and board games.

The overall structure is made of ten containers, two of which are 20 feet tall.

The theme style of the club is Wild West, which is more fanatical and tough style.

The shell of the whole building is painted dark blue,

making the orientation more masculine.

There were also many posters of honest cars pasted on

the box wall of the duplex lobby and the board game room.

Because it is newly opened, there are many flowers for congratulations in the lobby,

and on one side is a boutique of fashion clothing.

The m-m chocolate bean model upstairs forms

a strong contrast in this hard core environment.

In addition, there is an overhead floor in the middle of the club building,

where old style sports cars, motorcycles and mountain bikes are placed,

 which represents a unique "old school" style.

Pictures courtesy of WILD WEST DAYS