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Container cinema | Size changes at will! It's a wall and a shop!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::972  2022-11-18

【ComediHa!】 It is a comedy festival in Quebec City.

In order to respond to the theme of the festival,

 the scene needs a theater device

that can be built in the open air to perform or play plays.

To this end, Loki Box Design provides a concept of mobile architecture.

A large open-air cinema was built with seven containers.

 It was built as soon as it arrived,

equipped with a removable canvas roof,

and became the first mobile cinema built with recycled containers in the world.

 The 2018 [ComediHa!] was held in [Place Georges V] For the first time.

The container is painted with the special color of

 the festival - yellow and purple appear alternately,

and a sculpture board of the festival is erected in front of the door.

You will find that some containers have been "dug" into a sales window,

which is actually the multi-purpose of the cinema wall.

 As a whole, the container is a wall of the cinema,

but it is an independent container store.

These independent container spaces can be used as

various bars, boutiques, indoor rest rooms and backstage locker rooms,

making full use of the empty space of containers.

As for a typical "big shed" in a cinema,

you can increase or decrease the container walls according to the size of the cinema,

build a stage and light after forming,

and then put on chairs to create a fully functional cinema.

Pictures courtesy of Loki Box Design