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Container bazaar | 120 containers under construction! First hand in the innovation stack market!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::251  2022-11-22

Do you think you are tired of looking at gorgeous container buildings?

 There is much snow in spring, and I want to be a liar occasionally.

Today, let's change our style

and look at the container construction site under construction,

and feel the rough and crazy grandeur of the huge project.

This is a large container market under construction in Toronto, Canada.

There are more than 100 containers waiting to be built.

Covering an area of more than 10000 square meters,

it is an innovative stackable container market,

and these containers on site will accommodate about 30 different businesses.

When the market is completed,

 there will be various retail stores, restaurants, studios, exhibition halls, etc.,

to provide residents with a large square for shopping and entertainment.

The facade of the market is an arch made of containers.

Entering the market through the arch is a row of storefronts,

and floor to floor glass doors will be replaced in front of the doors to display goods.

In order to create a clear sense of square structure,

containers will be placed in a staggered way above some multi tier storefronts,

which is very artistic.

A three storey building will be set in the center of the market,

and the container on the top floor will

 cross several container buildings to form a triangle,

which will be a highlight of the square.

Go to the bottom of the triangle building

and look up to the sky, you will get a unique vision.

The containers with full sense of lines divide the sky into many parts,

just like an overpass suspended in the air.

The unique corner position makes you feel more than enough.

Pictures courtesy of Matt Rubinoff